Women's Health: Essential Screenings and Preventive Care for Every Stage of Life

For most sicknesses, we wish would have taken steps before getting sick, but can get over the illness quickly. There are some issues that aren’t as easy to treat and it’s important that you’re taking steps to catch these issues before they become severe problems. For women, there are many different screenings and types of preventive care that we need to go through to ensure we are safe from severe illnesses and diseases.

A Timeline of Preventive Care

At each stage of life, there are different screenings and preventive care measures that women need to go through. Around age 11 to 12, you should get your Human papillomavirus, or HPV, vaccine. This helps prevent types of HPV that can cause cervical cancer and genital warts. It’s important that you get this vaccine at a young age to ensure that you’re protected as you get older.

Once you hit age 20, you should start seeing your OBGYN on a regular basis. They will perform examinations to make sure that there isn’t a reason to worry. This is also when breast exams will start every 1 to 3 years. Once you hit 21, you will start needing Pap tests. This allows your OBGYN to identify any changes in your cervix that may need to be treated. This will go on as normal until age 29.

Once you’re 30, your doctor will start including HPV tests with your Pap tests and you can reduce these tests from every 3 years to every 5 years. At age 40, you’ll need to start getting mammograms. This screening helps detect signs of breast cancer at an early and treatable stage. Around the ages of 45 to 50, you’ll need to start getting colon cancer screenings every 10 years.

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For every stage of your life, there are measures that need to be taken to ensure that you’re staying as healthy as possible. Contact your OBGYN to learn more about essential screenings and preventive care measures.

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